Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Caffenol - First attempt

After reading many internet articles and sourcing suitable ingredients, I nervously concocted my Caffenol Stand brew and proceeded with attempting to develop a roll of film. Hardest part was getting the damn film onto the Patterson Spool in the black bag. (I have since watched a few youtube videos & now have the correct technique).

Well after 70 minutes developing, then washing and fixing, I was quite surprised that there were actual images on my negatives. The results were not too bad although according to my photographic adviser, they lacked contrast and a bit grainy. Hmm, well I have since learnt that Stand development does wash out contrast (which apparently can be recovered post processing) but on the other hand is totally forgiving on film speed as the developer will only develop the light areas so far and then slowly works on the dark areas. So on a single roll of film one can shoot at 400ASA and also shoot at 1600ASA yet the negs will still turn out okay.  My thought is that this is like turning the potential of a film camera to that which a digital camera does automatically in low light. I have yet to fully test this out but have switched between 400 and 800ASA on one roll with not much difference in the end result. Don't take anything I say here as gospel as I am only just a beginner in photography and just passing on what I have researched.

The shots below are from my first Caffenol roll. The river shot was scanned as a colour RGB. Realising my error later I rescanned the Mercedes in Monochrome.

Canon A1 camera - Ilford FP4+125 - Caffenol Stand 70min @ 20c - Plustek 7400 scanner

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