Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Camera Bug

GAS - Just found out that photographers can get this and not from eating the wrong food. GAS stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome and apparently just like fishing, one can never have enough gear for this hobby. Now if I was into digital this would be very expensive and I would be on a very short lead. But I have become smitten with film photography and cameras of the 70's & 80's. Now the best part about that is a lot of this older gear is just awesome and it's inexpensive (except Leica's). Cameras that were over $1,000 in 1980 can be purchased for $100 or so, complete kits with multiple lenses and other necessities for under $200. Trouble is not just one or two cameras is enough. Soon there is not enough room in the camera cupboard as they have bred like rabbits in spring.

My GAS problem started when I decided to see if I could repair the broken battery connection in my wife's old Leicaflex SL2. It hadn't worked for over 20 years. With some research I found a hearing aid battery the correct voltage. Used liquid solder to rebuild the terminal. Aluminium to pack out the battery area and voila the light meter works again. Poking around the cupboard we found the old camera bag owned by an old relative. Inside was quite a find being a M3 Leica in near perfect condition. Now I was really hooked but this old timer needs a service as the shutters are not working at over 250. Shall save up for a service at $300+ ouch!.

Leica M3 - 90mm Summicron

Scanning ebay and gumtree I noticed the Canon AE1's were well priced. But then I saw this great kit of a Canon A1, multiple canon lenses, Metz flash and bag for $150. Bargain and what a great revolutionary camera with AE & TV. I liked it so much I bought a second one with the mythical 50mm 1:1.4 lens. Shown here the Canon A1 is set up for spotlighting wildlife at night in the national park behind our house.

Canon A1 - 100-300 Zoom lens - Metz C45-5 Flash - LED Lenser spotlight

Now don't start reading the Ken Rockwell web site as he will talk you into more gear and your GAS problem will become obsessive. Ken recommended the Nikon FE which are an awesome camera and can be purchased dirt cheap if your prepared to do a bit of maintenance like light seals and cleaning. I really need the 125 flash sync and will be using this for my night shoots instead of the Canon once I buy a good Nikon zoom lens.

Nikon FE - 50mm 1:1.4 - MD11 motordrive

Time to stop buying gear and start taking more photos. But which camera to use?

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